Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bike fuel

On any cycle pilgrimage food matters. Italy understands this well as pasta is perfect for topping up and restocking carbs. They also give you enough tomatoes and veggies to keep your vitamin levels high, your blood clean and happy, and your bottom on top form.

As a non meat eater Italy is perfect, they don't eat meat all the time, and do fabulous things with spinach. Spain does pretty well, with plenty of veg and fish choices, but France proved more difficult with menu du jour seemingly rotating between steak (horse) and veal. I've never eaten so many omellettes in my life, and that can have terrible digestive consequences.

Wherever I'm cycling I make sure to top up on fruit and carry some with me when I see it. It really makes a difference to how I feel.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cycling realities

The reality of long distance unsupported cycling trips is that you have to carry eveything with you, and you have to wash clothes everynight so you have something to wear the next day. I've looked at some of the finest scenery in Europe through a veil of drying Lycra.

One top tip for women cyclists - bikini tops are better than bras, there's no nipple rub from lace, the material dries quickly and copes well with constant washing in shampoo, and you don't need to bring a separate swimsuit.

Bravissimo does a good range of underwired ones in the sort of sizes you need underwired ones in. They aren't cheap, but they last well without, well, there's no other word for it, sagging. Even if you don't!

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